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Battling peripheral neuropathy

MoveSole Smart Insole brings easy to use and utmost precise gait analysis for the health professionals.

MoveSole Smart Insole enables gait measuring

Diabetic neuropathy most often damages nerves in legs and feet, which in turn affects gait and can cause severe foot ulcers and gangrene. One way to prevent these is to monitor walking.

Now gait can be measured also outside of the clinic

Movesole solution is based on the sensor embedded insoles, which monitor gait. All the wirelessly collected data can be seen from the smartphone application, and can then be analyzed by the health care professional.

Reliability of gait monitoring gets better

More than half of the diabetes related foot issues could be prevented. Movesole ensures faster recovery, arising problems can be identified and serious feet issues can be avoided altogether.


MoveSole StepLab enables mobile gait measuring as it accompanies the user while on the move. The StepLab solution consists of a smart insole to the shoe and a mobile application.

With the mobile application, we can ensure that the offloading is working correctly, which in turn notably benefits the ulcer rehabilitation.

MoveSole Smart Insole

The MoveSole Smart Insole is a combination of unique sensor technology and printed intelligence production methods. The seven embedded sensors collect laboratory level gait data when a person walks with the MoveSole insoles in their shoes. The data is then automatically sent to a mobile application in real-time.

MoveSole StepLab application

The data generated by the MoveSole Smart Insoles is analyzed with the help of the StepLab application, which collects all the gait data into a visual and textual rapports.

With this application one can easily analyze one specific parameter of the gait or the walking patterns as a whole.  The results can be used for immediate gait corrections and they can also be stored for later use when determining the clinical effectiveness.

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