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About Us

MoveSole Ltd was established in 2014, yet the product development started over two years earlier as a technology research project. Currently, MoveSole activities are funded by Butterfly Ventures and Tekes, who have a solid trust on the MoveSole’s innovative measurement technology and core team. Moreover, the company owners also provide funds.

The MoveSole team is composed of experts from various fields. They all share the passion to develop new innovative health technology solution. Today, the MoveSole team has medical field, technical engineering and business experts, who all have at least 15 years of experience in their field of expertice. The product development has been notably fast due to the common interest towards step measurement and gait analysis.

Eero Kaikkonen
CEO, co-founder
Eero has an extensive entrepreneurship experience for over 25 years. His entrepreneurial career started as the founder and managing director of Hantro Products Ltd, while being responsible the company’s strategic leadership for 16 years. During his leadership, the company grew from a 2 person micro company into 80 people and 10 MEUR revenue generating technology product company. He was able to raise 20 MEUR funding for the company. Eero was also in charge of the 60 MUSD exit to a US listed company called On2 Technologies. After this, Eero moved to US and took charge of company and product strategy as well as marketing at the On2 US headquarters. Once returning to Finland he ran the Oulu Accelerator in 2012-2014 and successfully coached 19 startup companies with a six-month program. Since 2014 Eero has been in MoveSole team and in charge of company strategy, business development and funding.
Vesa Kajanus
CTO, co-founder
Vesa is one of the seasoned experts in our team. He has worked throughout his whole career as an expert within the measurement technologies. He has 30 years of expertise on digital and analog signal analysis. Vesa started as a sensor technology developer 20 years ago as a researcher at the University of Kuopio. After a couple of years at the university he continued technological development at the Nokia corporation. His great interest towards sensor technology got him to study human gait from the measurement point of view. His current work in the MoveSole team is still tightly connected to this, while he is charge of the development of embedded electronics, sensor technology and manufacturing processes. Vesa has been awarded six patents, which are mainly about sensor technology.
Miro Kuusijärvi
Project manager
Miro has overseen project management in various fields. Even if his degree in engineering is somewhat recent, he’s exceptionally skilled as a mobile application UI designer. During his studies, his enthusiasm towards technology became quite evident as he graduated with very good grades a year faster than his classmates. He had the chance to thoroughly familiarize himself with the MoveSole Smart Insole functionalities and technologies, while doing his engineering thesis. Working in the MoveSole team has taught him product design both from the embedded electronics and software side. He’s the MoveSole project manager for product development projects.
Markus Suvanto
Senior algorithm engineer
Markus got his Master of Science degree at the University of Oulu. His professional career started in 1995 at the University of Oulu’s Mathematics department. In 1999 he started working for Hantro Products Ltd and due to company acquisitions he also worked for the On2 Technologies company and consequently for Google after that. Working at these various positions have built him over 15 years of solid experience on programming and algorithm development. Over his career he has been granted numerous algorithm patents for his inventions at the international technology companies such as Google. In the MoveSole team Markus oversees the measurement algorithms in the company products.
Jaana Kananen
Quality manager
Jaana has a Master of Science in process technology. She has been working with quality and electronics related assignments for the past 20 years, while overseeing quality assurance and quality management tasks on various levels. For instance, she created and deployed a documentation and mode of operation processes in accordance to the ISO 13485 standard for medical device quality control. This helped a collaboration partner of MoveSole to be granted with the quality control certificate in 10/2017. Jaana has had the overall responsibility for ensuring product quality and reliability both in the product development projects as well as with subcontracting and customer related quality issues. Jaana has been the chief auditor and a member of the review board with supplier audits and with company’s internal audits both in Finland and abroad. Jaana continues to oversee quality management and assurance in the MoveSole team as the quality manager.
Antti Kyllönen
Systems engineer
Computer sciences have always greatly interested Antti. His enthusiasm and devotion to this topic helped him to get his engineering degree with excellent grades a year faster than he planned. Even though Antti is a young talent, he’s been working a lot with MoveSole. He conducted all his study related project work, training and thesis for the company. Now Antti oversees the MoveSole Smart Insole information system and the interfaces related to it. Antti specialty is the BLE protocol (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Ville Varanka
Test engineer
Ville’s career with us is about to start once his engineering thesis work on product testing for MoveSole is finalized. As a member of the MoveSole team, Ville will be doing product testing for the MoveSole Smart Insole. In addition to this, he will also work on developing and executing the embedded systems.
Minna Lappi
Minna’s entire career has been in healthcare in various roles. In the past 20 years, she has worked as a dentist, a software developer and a marketer for healthcare professional. Recently Minna has been doing consultancy for social and healthcare companies to get their mode of operation into the digital era. In the MoveSole team, she’s in charge of operations and marketing.
Mika Määttänen
Chairman of the board, founder
Mika has over 25 years of experience in the field of specialized rehabilitation both on the public sector for the City of Helsinki and private sector working for Orton Ltd. Mika is a published author in the field of rehabilitation in journals and he’s been co-author in professional volumes. He also lectures on common themes around rehabilitation in healthcare events. Mika’s solid know-how in rehabilitation was a crucial when defining the MoveSole Smart Insole’s current version. Currently Mika is the COO of Össur Finland Ltd.
Sami Puoskari
Advisor – R&D
For the past 15 years Sami has been a developer and leader of numerous mobile technology related product development projects for business and consumer markets. Prior to joining an automotive technology provider as a project manager, he was leading the MoveSole product development of a medical device for two years.
Seppo Mäkinen
Advisor – financing
Seppo has 30 years of experience from funding, being advisor and board member in various companies and organisations (e.g. Sitra/Investment director, BioFund/Founder Managing Partner, Merieux Developpement/Regional Partner and nowadays Pathena/Partner). Seppo has work experience both on product development and sales. Seppo has listed eight companies in stock exchange. During his career he has been in the boards of 40 companies and in 20 company mergers. He has raised 300 MEUR to different funds and companies.
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