MoveSole Research

Gait measurement to support deep analysis step by step

MoveSole Research

MoveSole Research -smart insoles

Because of the design, smart insoles  fit well in your shoes and feel comfortable to wear while moving. You can wear the smart insoles wherever you wish to move or exercise: inside in a sports hall or out in a cold, warm or wet weather.
MoveSole Research -smart insoles provide a huge amount of measurement data to be examined step by step. The measurement results are extremely precise and reliable. 

MoveSole Research -application

Based on measurement data the application creates separate force curves from each seven sensors and a total force curve.
You can share the measurement results to any tool or service you wish for further analysis.

MoveSole Research -package

Product package content:
  • Six pairs of MoveSole Research -smart insoles sizes
    36 – 38 – 40 – 42 – 44 – 46
  • MoveSole Research -application
  • Accessories to support the use
MoveSole Research: product package