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MoveSole StepLab

You can measure gait and motion fast and easy wherever you want to. Measurement results provide precise data about the pressure distribution under a foot while you are walking and moving.

movesole steplab -smart insole

Smart insoles are made of high-quality materials, and therefore most durable even in heavy use.

Very slim design of the smart insoles ensure that they are comfortable to wear. You cannot feel the insoles underfoot at all. 

Because of the flat design smart insoles do not affect your gait and motion: the measurement results are extremely reliable.

Movesole steplab -

There is a wireless connection between the smart insoles and application. It enables gait and motion measurements outside of laboratories and clinics in your everyday life settings.


Application receives the data from smart insoles and creates a visual report. It’s easy for you to view the measurement results to support your gait and motion analysis.

movesole steplab -package

Product package content:

Six pairs of MoveSole StepLab -smart insoles sizes                              36-38-40-42-44-46.


Smart device with MoveSole StepLab-application.


Assessories to support the use.