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MoveSole is a medical technology company founded in 2014. The company’s special expertise lies in the field of measuring force and pressure based on sensor technology.
The whole MoveSole-team is located in Oulu. All the team members have a large experience in their field of expertise.
The company uses sensor technology when measuring human gait and motion. The aim from the very beginning was to develop and produce an easy to use mobile measurement device at first in gait and later in other motion as well. The innovation was to integrate sensor technology and printed intelligence production technology in a unique way.
Eero Kaikkonen
Eero Kaikkonen      CEO, co-founder

Eero started his career as an electronic engineer among mobile phone technology in late 1980’s being one of the pioneers to develop the first generations of mobile phones.

Quite soon, already in 1992, his entrepreneurial career started as the founder and managing director of Hantro Products Ltd, while being responsible the company’s strategic leadership for 16 years. During his leadership, the company grew from a 2 person micro company into 80 people and 10 MEUR revenue generating technology product company.

Eero was in charge of the 60 MUSD exit of Hantro Products to a US company called On2 Technologies (AMEX ONT). After this, Eero moved to US and took charge of company and product strategy as well as marketing at the On2 US headquarters being one of few Finnish who have been member of management group in listed US companies.

Once returning to Finland he ran the Oulu Accelerator in 2012-2014 and successfully coached 19 startup companies with a six-month program.

For the last ten years Eero has been a very active member of PrintoCent Operation Team. The aim of PrintoCent program is to evolve printed intelligence technology and production and to build international business cases originated from Oulu region.

Since 2014, Eero has been CEO in MoveSole team and in charge of company strategy, business development and funding.

Vesa Kajanus
Vesa Kajanus            CTO, co-founder

Vesa has worked throughout his whole career as an expert within the measurement technologies. He has over 30 years of expertise on digital and analog signal analysis.

Vesa started as a sensor technology development researcher more than 30 years ago at the University of Kuopio. After a couple of years at the university he continued technological development at the Nokia corporation. At Nokia Research Center Steering Group Vesa participated in audio technology, and later for six years in sensor and touch screen technology development.

His current work in the MoveSole team is still tightly connected to the interest in the measurement technologies, while he is charge of the development of embedded electronics, sensor technology and manufacturing processes.

Vesa has been awarded six patents, which are mainly about sensor technology.

Markus Suvanto
Markus Suvanto      Senior algorithm engineer

We can honestly call Markus as Mr. Algorithm based on his strong competence on mathematics. His engineering skills include extremely wide experience in Linux operating system and several programming languages (C, C++, Java etc.).

His professional career started in 1995 at the University of Oulu’s Mathematics department.

After working at the university he joined Hantro Products team, and due to company acquisitions he also worked for the On2 Technologies company and consequently for Google after that. During these years he built a solid experience on programming and algorithm development, especially algorithm in video encoding and decoding.

In MoveSole team, Markus is responsible for the product set as whole and developing the measurement algorithm in the company product as well.

Over his career he has been granted numerous algorithm patents for his inventions at the international technology companies such as Google. 

Minna Lappi
Minna Lappi            CMO

During her entire career, Minna has worked in the healthcare sector in various roles: at first, as a dentist in the public healthcare sector highlighting the dentist-patient relationship and focusing on patient care with special needs.

For several years Minna worked in an international software corporation that provided software for healthcare professionals. Her duties included management of dental business in Finland and Sweden, management of customer deliveries and services, as well as being a member of the Management Board in Healthcare. Recently Minna has been doing consultancy for healthcare and care companies to get their mode of operation into the digital era.

In the MoveSole team, she’s in charge of company administration and marketing.

Minna is a PhD student at Oulu Business School. Her research lies in the field of service marketing, and more precisely in value formation from customers’ experience perspective within digital services. She has participated in two multi-disciplined research projects funded by Business Finland. The projects emphasized the role of digital services in individuals’ self-care processes and the data ownership related to digital health services.